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Beneficial Financial Opportunity for Apartment Building Owners with LEaC Shield

According to well established engineering guidelines in the Province of Ontario, each building Owner will provideCapital Reserve Funds equal to $22 per apartment per month for the remaining life of a building for all "common area” water pipe, (when such pipe is replaced every 25-30), and each Owner will ultimately spend other renovation funds equal to $11 per apartment per month for the remaining life of a building for each apartment’s water pipe, (when this pipe is replaced every 30-35 years). These funds will not ever be needed for water pipes when LEaC Shield is employed.

Since LEaC Shield has a one-time installation cost of about $15,000 initially and then a monthly maintenance cost as low as $3 per apartment per month; a significant net savings can be obtained.

Each Owner saves $30 per apartment per month, for the remaining life of the building with LEaC Shield!


LEaC Shield is inherently safe

LEaC Shield Advantage – Our Sodium Silicate – a HEALTH Canada Approved Food Additive and Certified through NSF Std. 60 for Drinking Water Treatment. Silica is an essential mineral.

LEaC Shield materials certified to NSF Std. 61, thus approved for use in Drinking Water systems.

(NSF is the National Sanitation Foundation. NSF is listed by the Standards Council of Canada, as required in the Ontario Building Code).

Our water treatment method has been used by many Ontario Public Water Utilities to prevent corrosion of their own water pipes. Sodium Silicate as a water treatment chemical, is currently used in many apartment buildings, condominiums, and schools across North & South America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. Sodium Silicate is a remarkably safe mineral, approved for use in food, drinking water, and even hand & facial cosmetics for about one hundred years without any restrictions on chemical make-up. Approved by Health Canada, Health Dept. (W. Australia), the World Health Organization, The United Nations, and the USA Environmental Protection Agency, USA Centers for Disease Control, and USA National Institutes of Health.

For more details on the LEaC Shield program, including: 1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, 2. Brief history of the technology used, 3. Details of our written guarantee, 4. Why our Silica is beneficial for health, and 4. government approvals met, see our website link:

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