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Weldflow Metal Products is a precision sheet metal facility with custom and contract manufacturing. Recognized widely for our engineering capabilities and management excellence, we are a dedicated team providing custom solutions to meet your requirements and achieve top level customer satisfaction.

We have the production flexibility of any size of run by utilizing best industry practices of lean manufacturing, by value adding and keeping the competitive edge. Weldflow provides complete services starting from Fiber Laser cutting, CNC sheet metal operation to forming, hardware insertion, spot welding, welding and final finishing as per customer specifications. Read More...

Our Services

Sheet metal fabrication

Weldflow prides in carrying out precision related complete sheet metal fabrication. This involves meeting all the specifications for tolerances provided by the customer. With our internal quality check procedure in place, we ensure the consistency in production of sheet metal components large and small.

We carry out stainless steel and aluminum fabrication for specific industries. We provide rolling of Aluminum structural elements and making special design of heat sinks from Aluminum sheet. Variety of light fixtures is fabricated from Aluminum material for internal & external usage in lighting and construction industry. Depending on the requirement, we can use the process of capacitor discharge welding.


Engineering Design:

Weldflow Metal has all the latest engineering CAD and CAM tools with latest version of software like SolidWorks, AutoCAD and cncKad, plus many more inhouse created engineering utility tools. This enables Weldflow team to provide best design support and quick turn around for creating drawings for customers and thus offers an extensive array of product development related to engineering services.


Prototype & Product Development:

Weldflow takes pride in associating with their customer right from the beginning of their product development lifecycle. At times the first phrased of a product prototype (Concept Stage) bears little resemblance to the final phase (Design Phase). We help our customers in the design phase by generating assembly model of finished product and generating quick fabrication processes without the requirement of specialized manufacturing tools that maybe needed at later stage of production run. This enables to keep the prototype production cost to a minimum.


Welding Services:

Depending on the requirement Weldflow offers following inhouse welding process:

  • MIG Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • Spot Welding
  • Capacitor discharge welding



Weldflow offers contract manufacturing and assembly services for our customers metal parts.

Flowing methods are chosen but not limited to

  • Mechanical (hardware) Assembly
  • Weld Assembly
  • Spot Weld Assembly
  • Rivet Assembly
  • Brazing/ Soldering Assembly


Product Categories


Weldflow has more than 35 years of knowledge and experience in manufacturing products, small or large components, sub-assemblies and complete assemblies. Some of the categories are listed below dealing with all types of materials in sheet metal form or structural tube and square pipes.

Products for the following industrial categories:
  • Electronic metal enclosures.
  • Electrical panels and electric boxes as components for other category of equipment.
  • Metal Cabinets.
  • Control Panels.
  • Light fixtures.
  • Store fixtures and display POP units.
  • Steel door accessories, steel drawers and shelving systems.
  • HVAC unit assemblies and housing units.
  • General Appliance covers.
  • Frames from various tubing; square or round.
  • Heat sink fins.
  • Many other varieties of product categories and not limited to above list.


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